From 2019 Companies will be obligated to disclose their true beneficiary owners Dec 17

From 1 January 2019 all legal entities established in the Republic of Lithuania will have a new obligation to submit to the Register of Legal Entities detailed information about their actual beneficiaries and to receive, store and update such an information, if necessary.
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Changes of minimum monthly salary from 1 January 2019 Nov 23

Please be informed that minimum monthly salary has been increased by the Lithuanian Government as from 1 January 2019 as follows:
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Salary calculation changes from 2019 Aug 16

We would like to inform you that the Lithuanian Parliament has enacted legislation changes which affect the principles of salary calculation.
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Business Trips Procedure - what is the benefit to the employer? Jun 15

According to Article 107 Paragraph 2 of Labour Code of the Republic of Lithuania, if during the business trip the employee incurs additional costs (transport, travel, accommodation and other expenses), these costs must be compensated by the employer.
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Amendments of daily allowances from 01.07.2018 Jun 07

Please be informed that starting from 1 July, 2018 the rates of daily allowances will be changed.
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Corporate Income Tax incentives May 30

We would like to remind about existing possibilities to use tax incentives established in the Corporate Income Tax Law (hereinafter – Law). The companies, which would like to use tax incentives must ensure that it complies with all conditions specified in the Law.
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Reminder to the employers: do you meet the requirements of the new Labour Code? May 24

The new Labour Code which came into force last summer changed the regulation of labour relations and provided additional responsibilities for the directors of the companies. Exceptional requirements are also established for companies employing 20 employees and more and 50 employees and more. Bellow we discuss the key changes that should have been implemented in the past year to meet the requirements of the new Labour Code. Read more ›

Important information regarding non-imposition of late payment interests for calculated environmental pollution tax May 16

We would like to inform you that the State Tax Inspectorate under the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania (hereinafter – State Tax Inspectorate) has provided a formal explanation for the late payment interests for overdue calculated and paid tax of environmental pollution (hereinafter – the Explanation), which was calculated on the basis of cancellation of certificates/ approvals issued by VŠĮ „Žaliasis taškas“ and VŠĮ „Pakuočių tvarkymo organizacija“.
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