The enactment of new Labour Code is postponed Jan 04

Amendments to the Personal Income Tax Law Dec 30

New procedure of payments to the guarantee fund  Dec 21

 Amendments to VAT and Excise Duties Laws Dec 16

Incentives for companies providing services to pursue business in Free Economic Zones Nov 30

Information concerning business trips of employees Nov 23

Decision of The Supreme Administrative Court of Lithuania regarding the right to input VAT deduction to bankrupting companies  Nov 04

New Labour Code from 2017 Oct 17

Submission of the consignment notes’ data to i.VAZ system Oct 11

98% of Vilnius citizens are satisfied with their lives in the capital Sep 15

Obligation to provide information the State Tax Inspectorate about the bank accounts Aug 30

Decision of The Supreme Administrative Court of Lithuania regarding the obligation of the company to collect information about a credibility of its business partners  Aug 24

Tax returns will be submitted only by electronic means to The State Tax Inspectorate Aug 11

Changes of the Law on State Social Insurance of the Republic of Lithuania Aug 01

Increase of the minimum wage Jul 22

Smart Tax Administration System i.MAS - 3 major obligations as a result of which companies may be caused to sustain significant IT costs May 25

Transfer pricing is becoming  a key topic – does your company have the required documents up to date? Mar 16

European Union Court of Justice – VAT taxation of unused local flight tickets Feb 10

Social security tax – additional voluntary transfer to pension funds Jan 13

Declaration on Compliance of Packaging – new revision from 1 January 2016 Jan 13

The exchange of ‘bitcoin’ into traditional currency – VAT treatment Jan 13

Has a taxable person the right to deduct the input VAT paid on non-current assets which are intended for use by public? Jan 13

Smart Tax Administration System (I.MAS) – 7 subsystems Jan 13

Provision of additional information to the State Tax Inspectorate Jan 13

Tax news 2016 Jan 13