Payroll and HR Documentation

Managing employees’ salaries is an essential business function as payroll and payroll taxes considerably affect the net income of most companies. It is a complex and important process, which ensures timely paid salaries, maximum confidentiality, time optimization, data accuracy and compliance with the laws and regulations.

Leinonen Lithuania specializes in payroll accounting and has highly skilled professionals who will help to solve salary related issues.

What is Leinonen Lithuania expertise in payroll calculation?

  • We do more than 2 500 employees payroll.
  • We are engaged in payroll of various types of business, including retail, manufacturing, construction, pharmacy, etc.
  • We are experts in summary recording of working time. Taking into account business processes, companies may introduce a system of summary recording of working time for certain jobs. As the result, an employer is able to create more flexible working schedules provided that the maximum working time does not exceed 48 hours per week and 12 hours per working day (shift). In addition, overtime for employees is calculated and paid at the end of recording period, which shall be established in the company’s internal work regulations and may not exceed four months. The regulation of applying this system is weak, therefore the expertise is crucial in order to ensure accuracy in calculation. During many years of proactive communication with Labour Inspection we have gathered deep expertise in this area and may provide the best practical advises to our clients. 

What kind of payroll services does Leinonen provide?
  • set up and run payroll;
  • payroll reports for internal use;
  • payslip preparation and sending;
  • salary payments;
  • preparation of payroll documentation;
  • calculation, filing and submitting monthly and annual declarations to tax authorities ;
  • holiday accruals accounting;
  • other related report.

What kind of other services in relation to payroll does Leinonen provide?

Many companies trust our specialists who:

  • consult regarding employment, dismissal, imposing of disciplinary sanction;
  • review employment documents, payroll compliance and give recommendations;
  • prepare all human resource documents (employment contracts, amendments, terminations, confidential agreements, full material liabilities contracts and other);
  • consult regarding taxation of benefits;
  • deal with posted employees payroll;
  • prepare  expense reports.

To whom shall I apply for more information?

Please contact Zita Merkeliene by e-mail: or phone number: +370 699 32529, for further discussion of your individual situation and possible solutions.

You may also file our contact form and we will get in touch with you. 


Accuracy, Timely Reporting, Tax and Legal support

That's what good accounting is made off

Reliable financial management is one of the cornerstones of a successful business. We believe that primary duty of a reliable accounting partner is to ensure accurate and timely reporting which enables you to evaluate business performance and make right decisions. 

Our intention is to add value to our customers by providing full support, therefore tax and legal advisory are the integral part of our services. Emphasis on the proactive approach enables us to provide better and better solutions to customers.

We help hundreds of multinational and local companies run their businesses in Lithuania. Every client is important to us, regardless of the size, turnover or sphere of activity of the company. 

We have more than 40 experienced professionals providing world class accounting services to a wide range of clients established or expecting to commence activities in Lithuania. Our advisory team having different background ensures the best understanding of tax and legal issues and problems that your business is facing and provide you the most comprehensive service. 

Find out more about our expertise here.  

Why choose Leinonen

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We are ISO 9001 Certified Partner

Leinonen Lithuania has achieved ISO 9001:2008 certificate from Bureau Veritas. This certificate confirms that our company has implemented and maintains a management system based on the internationally recognised quality management principles. The system helps us to assure high quality standards of accounting services we provide to our customers.

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From 1 January 2019 all legal entities established in the Republic of Lithuania will have a new obligation to submit to the Register of Legal Entities detailed information about their actual beneficiaries and to receive, store and update such an information, if necessary.