The obligation to inform the STI which entity will submit the Country-by-Country report Sep 29

The Multinational Groups (hereinafter - MNE) which operate within the European Union (hereinafter – the EU) with total consolidated revenue equal to or higher than 750 million EUR should submit the Country–by–Country Report (hereinafter – the CbCR) to the State Tax Inspectorate (hereinafter – the STI).
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Requirement to notify regarding workers posted to Finland Sep 15

From 1st  of September 2017 the Finnish legislation act came into force, according to which the European Union companies should inform the Finnish occupational safety and health authority regarding workers posted to Finland in advance. Read more ›

Aspects of the personal data protection reform relevant to the companies Aug 25

Starting from 25 May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (hereinafter – the Regulation) will become directly applicable. The liability for non-compliance with the requirements set forth in the Regulation has been made more severe: the administrative fines may amount to EUR 20 000 000 or in case of an undertaking, up to 4 % of the total worldwide annual turnover of the preceding financial year, whichever is higher. Therefore, the companies should get themselves responsibly ready for the enactment of the Regulation. Read more ›

Amended rules for an agreement with STI regarding the future transactions taxation Aug 18

The State Tax Inspectorate (hereinafter – the STI) amended the rules, which companies should follow in order to agree with the STI regarding the taxation approach of the future transactions.
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Royalties taxation has been changed Aug 11

From the 1st of August 2017 the rule of payment of social insurance contributions from royalties has been changed. Read more ›

The Tax Authority has clarified what can be assumed to be bribe expenses Jul 28

The Lithuanian State Tax Inspectorate (hereinafter – the STI) has updated the Commentary of Art. 31 Part 20 of the Corporate Income Tax Law (hereinafter – the Commentary). Art. 31 of the Corporate Income Tax Law states, that the expenses, incurred while executing activities prohibited by the Criminal Code, including bribery, are treated as not deductible expenses calculating Corporate Income Tax (hereinafter – CIT).
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Amendments related to the application of 0% VAT rate to transportation services Jul 21

The European Union Court of Justice (hereinafter – the Court) in case C-288/16 ruled, that 0% VAT rate should be applied to the transportation services, which are directly related to the import / export of goods. Read more ›

The obligation for the Multinationals to submit the Country-by-Country report to the State Tax Inspectorate Jul 14

The Lithuanian Tax Administrative Law was amended according to the EU Directive No. 2016/881, as well the State Tax Inspectorate (hereinafter - STI) accepted provision no. VA-47, which established, that Multinational Groups (hereinafter - MNE) are obliged to submit the Country-by-Country report (CbCR) to the Tax Authority.
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